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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:02 pm

Merciless Night is a great place to explore and run free, but there are a few rules you must obey. They are as follows:

  • You are allowed one wolf when you start, but if your Alpha finds you capable of handling more you may have another. In some cases a third or even a fourth account will be allowed but this is strictly with Site Owner permission only.

  • Posting is done in THIRD person only.

  • This is a realistic site, only real pictures of wolves may be used. You can however alter fur or eye color. In some cases exceptional works may be accepted, however, this is unlikely to happen.

  • Keep all fighting OOC unless it is for the story plot. Follow the sparring rules.

  • Wolves with disabilities such as blindness, missing limbs, or deafness must be cleared with Site Owner before the character is accepted. An admin or moderator will contact them when you post your application with the request and they will get back to you directly with an accept/deny reply.

  • Chatbox is used for chatting and a little IC play. No advertising; we have a section for that.

  • God modding and magic powers of any kind are FORBIDDEN! Any wolves with these qualities will be warned, if you do not make the changes to your character, your account will be deleted.

  • There is a eight sentence minimum. Feel free to go over! If you have read until now, post "dances with wolves" in your application. Any posts with less will be deleted without notice.

  • We play with liquid time here. This means that your wolf may be in up to THREE different threads at a time provided they are not in the same location. Violation of this rule will result in a warning, failure to comply will result in your activity in all conflicting threads to be removed.

  • DO NOT role play without being approved. Until your character is accepted you may only post in OOC topics and use the chatbox. You must "Introduce Yourself" in that thread and wait for it to be accepted. Then you will post at the border of your prospective pack and howl to the Alpha if you may join their pack.

  • There will be ZERO tolerance for ghosting, unless allowed by the owner of the character. This is where you take control of another character and dictate their actions. If you are in a plot with wolf A, B, and C. Wolves A and B post, but you cannot move without C, then you will have to wait for them, or just role play amongst yourselves until they return.

  • This site is 13+ so keep cursing or swearing to a minimum and none in the chatbox. Sex or mating is NOT allowed in detail. Time lapses or a "fade to black" are allowed and have the female wake up pregnant. No details of the act itself and if anything has a suggestive tone it is subject to deletion.

  • If you would like to get a mate you must ask the Alpha/Alphess if it is alright. They will also allow/disallow for you to mate and/or have pups. They will contact an admin on your behalf to determine the number appropriate. You cannot be mates with someone who does not wish to be mates with you. During MATING SEASON is the only time MATING may occur! If you are found before this time or without the permission of your Alpha/Alphess, you can be exiled and further actions may happen!

  • If you have to leave for any length of time that will affect other members, then you must let them know! If you do not tell anyone or post within ONE MONTH you will be put on probation temporarily for however long admins think is necessary.

  • Our wolves do not speak other languages, this is an English only site.

  • Do not ask for any high ranks. Ranks are given by your Alpha/Alphess if they feel your character are capable of the position and your writing skills are up to par. Mates do not have to be of equal rank.

  • If your threat comes to a point where you find that you need a predator, like a bear or mountain lion, we use NPC accounts. You must either message an Admin and request to use the account or ask and Admin/Mod to play the NPC for you. Your thread will be deleted without question if you use a predator animal WITHOUT an NPC account.

  • Hunting prey is fine, but mass hunting parties with the pack or multiple packs may be organized by their respective Alphas only. Anything larger than a deer such as caribou requires an NPC account since they require more than one wolf to take down.

  • If at anytime you choose to leave your pack for another, you may. Make sure you complete a border thread and ask to be accepted into the other pack. If you have read till now, post 'wild fire' in your application. Just because you left, does not guarantee you will have a spot in the other pack.

If you see anyone breaking the rules please notify you admin/moderators. Thank you!
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Site Rules
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