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 Rank System

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PostSubject: Rank System   Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:17 pm

Alpha/Alphess: The Alpha or Alphess who leads the pack may or may not have a mate to lead with them. They protect their pack, make sure the hunting is going well, keep the peace, distribute punishment, safeguard borders, and their word is law.

Beta: There is one Beta per pack who serves directly under the Alpha(s). They organize the Delta's and have the same responsibilities as the Alpha with the exception that he/she does not have the final say in or the ability to make any major decisions unless the Alpha has given the okay. In order to appoint a Beta the Alpha must have two additional wolves in the pack to serve as Rangers.

Deltas: There are three Deltas maximum per pack, each with a minimum of two Rangers serving under their command. With permission from their Alpha (or Beta), Deltas organize border patrol parties, hunting groups, and lead their Rangers in battle. For a Delta to be chosen there must be a Beta and three additional Rangers, for the next two Deltas to be chosen, there must be two more Rangers to warrant each.

Healer: There may be three healers (including apprentices) in one pac,. They are in charge of all medical needs of the pack under the Alpha. They are not exempt from their normal Ranger duties but any Healer business takes priority. Their standing in the pack is equivalent to the Delta they are assigned to when acting as Healers and Ranger when their skills are not required. Healers may request for Rangers to assist them so long as the wolves asked for are not currently needed.

Rangers: Rangers are the warriors of the pack who are assigned to a Delta and Healer unit to serve under. They patrol borders, hunt, and protect the pack from dangers.

Omegas: There are only two Omegas tolerated in packs. They are the outsiders of the group, often demoted due to insubordination or absence in pack life. If there are more than two, one Omega must be either change rank or be outcast from the pack. Omegas eat last in the pack, are rarely entrusted with important hunting roles, and do not patrol borders; nevertheless, they are expected to help defend their pack when called upon. Omegas are also responsible for keeping an eye on the pups when other wolves leave need to leave them in camp.
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Rank System
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