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 Adopting? --how to adopt and how to put wolves up for adoption--

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PostSubject: Adopting? --how to adopt and how to put wolves up for adoption--   Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:23 pm

If you are looking to adopt or create a second wolf you need permission from your Alpha or a moderator. If you are looking for a third, fourth, fifth, or even more wolves, you must check with an Admin or the Site Owner. Remember, not everyone will be approved and it is the members choice to whom their character(s) go to.

Looking to Adopt: Post a reply of at least twelve sentences of an example post of how you would play the wolf. Once you adopt the wolf you may play them as soon as the date they become available arrives; feel free to change packs, ranks, mates, and more whilst you play them. If you are adopting a pup include their personality and appearance when you post your example.

Putting wolves up for adoption: Post the following form on your thread. Their name, appearance, and personality may be left blank if they are pups.
[b][font=Georgia]Date Available:[/font][/b] [font=Trebuchet MS]DATE HERE[/font]

[b][font=Georgia]Name:[/font][/b] [font=Trebuchet MS]NAME OF CHARACTER HERE[/font]

[b][font=Georgia]Gender:[/font][/b] [color=blue][font=Trebuchet MS]Male[/font][/color] or [font=Trebuchet MS][color=lightpink]Female[/color][/font]

[b][font=Georgia]Age:[/font][/b] [font=Trebuchet MS]IN YEARS... 6 months if pups[/font]

[font=Georgia][b]Rank:[/b][/font] [font=Trebuchet MS]RANK HERE --if they are in a pack litter, they are automatically apprentices --if they are in a rogue or exile litter, they are automatically rogues --if one parent is rogue and the other pack, they are which ever corresponds with who is currently raising them[/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]Be as detailed as you like i.e.: scars, cuts, colors... To be decided?[/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]What is this wolf like? Nice? Mean? Brave? Scared? To be decided?[/font]


[center][img]Post Image HERE, copy and past this if multiple images[/img][/center]

[font=Trebuchet MS]This needs to be detailed. Give your possible applicants the whole story if you can. If they are pups, give information about the situation with their parents and how much the pups now about it and what their situation is up till now.[/font]
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Adopting? --how to adopt and how to put wolves up for adoption--
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