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 Intro Lumi

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Alpha Lumi


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PostSubject: Intro Lumi   Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:41 pm

Name: Lumi

Gender: female

Age: 2

Pack: Sorek

Rank Requested: Alpha

Appearance: Lumi is a wild looking wolf with a coat of many greys. Her top is darker before fading to a dirty white with a hint of brown across her midsection. The front of her legs hold hints of darker markings as does the frame of her face which fades to white whilst her tail remains dark giving her appearance an overall graceful flow. She has eyes of dark amber that hold a shade of brown. Her height is 83cm and she has a lean build with fur that ripples with muscle beneath it. Lumi is fast, cunning, and strong. Her defiant personality formed into  resilience and confidence as she got older and now mature at two years, Lumi is a capable and steadfast leader. Lumi is determined to grow and protect her pack from whatever the future holds.


History: Lumi grew up in an average pack that held decent territory. Her parents were the alphas as it was with all pups of the pack, and her upbringing was to raise her as a soldier to help support future generations with hunting and protection just as her older siblings were doing then in raising her. As a rambunctious pup, Lumi often got reprimanded for acting too stubborn, too dominant. Still, despite the growing rifts, she refused to be shepherded into the same pack mentality as her siblings were. When Lumi had grown past her first half year, the leniency given pups was fading fast with the tolerance of her packmates. Lumi’s actions were now punishable offenses and she was often lashed out at. Overtime it was clear that Lumi had two options as the hostility rose. If she were to submit, Lumi would be forgiven by the pack and accepted as the omega for a while. Otherwise, it was time for Lumi to leave. All omega’s were driven off eventually, that was how new packs formed, it was just the natural cycle of things. At nearly two years Lumi was fully mature and capable of taking care of herself. In the end, the pack left one way to go hunting and Lumi went the other. Every wolf present that day was relieved to see her off.
Lumi travelled far from her pack lands, heading farther north towards where even the grasslands of summer had a hint of the chill that was soon to come. She found the extremes in the climates ranging across plains and mountains. It was no surprise that Lumi quickly learned the limits of habitable and sustainable land. Eventually she found an area that showed signs of prey migration, plenty of water, and had suitable shelter for her to raise pups and lead a pack. It was here that Lumi decided to mark out as her territory. It was a large area yet the main camp would be easily defendable and had god look out locations. Of course, Lumi realized it would e a while until she was able to defend the area from other wolves. It was fortunate that there were no rival packs for quite some distance that Lumi had met on her journey. Now the hard part would begin.

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Example Post: Lumi spent many days alone. In fact it was weeks before she met another wolf. She didn’t know who was more surprised, the stranger or her as she had simply jumped off an outcropping landing neatly below which happened to be right where the other wolf was passing by beneath. It was a large black male, he seemed completely at ease if a bit lonely. With a bit of coaxing she managed to convince the male to follow her to her territory. He seemed wary of her telling she had a pack but had yet to form one. Lumi supposed most packs did not accept strangers or if they did it was after the leading mated pair already had a litter or two of grown pups to defend it. The male joined and it was just a couple of days before she met two more wolves. An old white healer and a brown-tinged male who was around her age along with the black male. Now Lumi had a pack. It would be hard in the coming days with just the four of them but smaller game was near by in the summer months and would still be when the trees shed their leaves in autumn before the hunger months of winter settled in. It would be then that Lumi would have other problems; like the two males she had taken a liking to, the pack would need pups come spring afterall.
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PostSubject: Re: Intro Lumi   Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:27 pm

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Intro Lumi
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