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 Intro Dante

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Delta Dante

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PostSubject: Intro Dante   Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:47 pm

Name: Dante

Gender: male

Age: 3

Pack: Sorek

Rank Requested: Delta

Appearance: Dante is a large wolf who is 87cm tall. He may weigh a bit more than your average wolf but it is all pure muscle. His coat is a deep black color with no white markings on him. Dante has an intense stare and light grey eyes with a tint of color in them, perhaps it’s yellow, though few wolves will ever get close enough to know. On the aggressive side Dante is a drifter at heart yet still seeks out company as if a bad habit. At first, he will ignore or threaten those around him but can be quite an agreeable companion once a wolf earns his respect. If not, Dante has a deep growl and a strong bite to deal with those he dislikes. On his own, Dante is a formidable opponent and a powerful hunter who is more than capable of surviving extended periods of time alone.


History: There is nothing Dante hates more than weak. His birth pack was weak so their territory was taken. The hunting skills of that now broken pack were found wanting after living in such a lush and bountiful area that they suffered for it when it was time to make every kill count. One by one they starved. Driven from the pack barely past his first year, Dante was forced to survive on his own or suffer the same fate. To date, he does not know if any of his kin survive. It was rough going in the beginning, he was not yet old enough or fully grown to start his own pack and far to small on his own to hunt larger game. Soon Dante learned that rabbits and fish could be an excellent source of food. As he travelled, Dante learned that life as a lone wolf was unforgiving yet not unsuited for him. The elk might be beyond his reach though deer, deer were fair game come his two year mark. He had bulked up, sped up, and smartened up from his time living alone. What made Dante truly dangerous was not that he was tough but that he was willing to do whatever it took to survive.
There was nothing Dante wanted for. First choice of prey, first take at the kill, he could hunt anywhere and sleep anywhere, and there was no alpha wolf to stop him. It seemed like this could be the life for him. When the mating season rolled around at the start of the new year, Dante spent his days travelling across many territories courting the alphas’ daughters before getting run off. None of the females followed him. Over time Dante realized what was missing in his sole existence; a legacy. A mate and pups with his blood in their veins to carry on who he was and make worthy the sacrifices of those before him. That family nonsense was harder than it seemed. Dante had a hard time meeting other wolves on friendly terms, it was not something he was used to, packs had not been his way for so long. There was still time though, Dante was still young, young enough to roam as far as he wanted. So that is what he would do.

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Example Post: Dante almost had a family. Once. It was a long time ago, but he still remembered what happened, he still remembered her. She was a wolf with a reddish tint to her coat. A bit on the smaller side yet full of life and fun. When the alphas were not looking, Dante would sneak in and spirit her away. They would run together and play for what felt like ages. They were going to start a pack, have a new life, lead side by side with pups following in their footsteps for the rest of their That late winter Dante learned that dreams never last. The old alpha caught him on the third day of their courtship. He should have run off, let himself be chased, but he stood his ground. With only ever having fought lean lone wolves, Dante did not stand a chance against one so well-fed and time tested. Backed by a pack, there was no way the alpha would have lost this confrontation. The alpha stalked away with blood trickling down his right shoulder. Dante limped. His ribcage and back were torn up by claws and bites. Only his thick, mane-like fur had just barely kept him alive long enough to yield the fight. It was a vicious thrashing and one Dante would not soon forget. The mercy shown him was rare, most would have been killed. Dante had made the wrong choice and that was something he vowed never to do again.
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PostSubject: Re: Intro Dante   Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:29 pm

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Intro Dante
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