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 Intro Bodhi

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Delta Bodhi

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PostSubject: Intro Bodhi   Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:50 pm

Name: Bodhi

Gender: male

Age: 2

Pack: Sorek

Rank Requested: Delta

Appearance: Bodhi is a wolf of the standard dark-backed light-bellied wolf of grays, black, and whites. What makes him stand out is the brown tinge that runs throughout his fur lending a memorable edge to his appearance. He stands 84cm tall and has a nicely balanced build of strong muscle. Speed, endurance, and strength come easy to him. The hunt being his strong suit, Bodhi has a higher kill success rate than most wolves. With an easy going personality Bodhi gets along well with most wolves he meets. He has a strong sense of who he is and lets his instincts lead the way. While he does not often go looking for trouble, his only fault might be that trouble seems to find him.


History: Bodhi remembers his parents and littermates well, they had a strong bond. His parents had done what a handful of wolves do when they reach maturity; find a mate and start a pack. His father had been wandering and met his mother, together the two wolves left their packs behind and struck out to find their own territory. The pair were able to carve out their own little paradise on the edge of a forest that bled into grazing lands with a stream running through. There was enough prey to support them and few other wolves in the area to challenge their claim. A litter of five pups were born and Bodhi was the only male. Bodhi grew up healthy with his siblings, two of which died in a flash flood in their first few months of life. He was close to his remaining two sisters all of which thrived due to the low stress there only being three of them put on their parents. The little pack they had together was starting out well. Stories of his parent’s past filled the quiet evenings and the pups all knew that they would aid in strengthening the pack when they were older.
When they were yearlings, the alphas, for the mated pair could be considered that in proper now, had a second litter of six pups. Together, the five of them were easily able to help take turns watching and raising the new members who began to help out when they were half a year themselves with the hunt. A strong pack of eleven wolves was too much for the small territory so the hunting range soon increased with the latest litter now able to travel with the rest of the pack. It was a good life, one Bodhi did not regret. When he was two years of age, Bodhi left it behind in search of a place to call his own. Bodhi did his best to stay out of trouble yet danger did not seem to stray far from him. Bears, rival packs, rabid coyotes, avalanches; Bodhi had lived through a lot. Not much phased him anymore, he knew if he stayed calm and kept going most situations resolved themselves. His newfound confidence did not by any means translate to Bodhi feeling that he never needed another pack. He was a good lone wolf but a great pack wolf. There was a certain purpose to being in a pack, a point to the chaos of life, a goal. Bodhi was unable to shake the desire to at least try to join a pack, and so he wandered.

Joining Keys: removed by Mod 1

Example Post: Perhaps the one moment Bodhi was more than a little sure of other-worldly forces attempting to end his life early was a day that began as many others. Bodhi was travelling northward up the line of a river. The day was warm, the water clear, and the sky had an easy wind pushing clouds across the horizon. It was there that he saw a rabbit. Instinctually dropping into a hunting crouch, Bodhi began to stalk his prey. It had not yet seen him and Bodhi shifted into the tree line to camouflage his approach and cut off his prey’s escape. The jackal wouldn’t make for more than a snack but Bodhi had some energy to burn off and fresh blood would be a pleasant reward. He made his approach, leapt, and pounced on the poor creature before it even knew what was happening. Thus, with his snack hanging from his jaws, Bodhi trotted happily to a smooth sunny rock to enjoy it. He had not scented any packs in the area and was not concerned by scavengers or birds for he would be done with his snack long before any dared to bother him. How wrong he was. New to the area, little did Bodhi know that just a half mile upstream was a favored fishing spot of salmon for the local population of Grizzly Bears. It just so happened that a mother bear and her three cubs had decided to take a path to the fish that crossed directly with his. When he rose from his spot the bear startled and sighted him immediately taking an aggressive pose. Not wanting to argue with a mother bear, Bodhi attempted to look as nonthreatening as possible and take his leave into the forest. It was unfortunate for him that the only way there briefly brought him closer to the grizzlies. The mother rose up to a massive height on her back paws, gave a ground shattering roar, and charged. Bodhi did the only thing he could do in that situation. Bolted for the river, hopped in, and swam for his life straight to the other side. Soaking and exhausted, Bodhi pulled himself onto the far bank and flopped to the ground to catch his breath once he was assured the mother bear had not followed. Afterwards he shook most of the water from his coat to help him dry and decided to find a safe place to nap for the rest of the day.
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PostSubject: Re: Intro Bodhi   Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:29 pm

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Intro Bodhi
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