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 Intro Mara

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Healer Mara

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PostSubject: Intro Mara   Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:52 pm

Name: Mara

Gender: female

Age: 6 years

Pack: Sorek

Rank Requested: Healer

Appearance: Mara is a wolf of 81cm and 37kg. She has a patient manner about her and often acts a bit shy when approaching other wolves. However, when it comes to medicine, she becomes a bit more stern. Her narrow frame is covered with a shade of worn, white fur with gentle brown and an alert look to her face. Mara’s light build may make her agile and good at evasive maneuvers, but she has never been exceedingly quick as one might assume. Although, she works hard and speed was acquired in her profession. When looked at in the right light, Mara will appear to be radiating a golden halo due to the cream-colored fur sprinkled across her body. Her tail is a bit longer than most, dangling near the paws of her lanky legs. The most impressional aspect of her is her inquisitiveness . When met, her pointed ears swivel towards the other wolf and her entire posture seems to perk up, eager to hear what new has been brought to her.


History: Mara grew up in a small pack, Her litter was rather large at eight pups, but, luckily, her pack was more than willing to care for them all and her parents were determined to see their pups to adolescence. Sadly, two of her littermates, a brother and a sister, were lost to a tragic accident playing too close to the cliff sides of the forested mountain side they called home in the summer months. When winter crept over them, they moved camp deeper into the valley, following the prey. It was a tough winter and in the deep of it, the pack lost another young pup. Mara’s world was a small one, now with one more empty space. Her pack was a nameless group of loyal, kind-spirited wanderers. She gradually took an interest in healing and was apprenticed to the pack’s medic who taught her everything he could in the time she studied under him.
Eventually, Mara’s curiosity got the better of her and she left with a pair of lone wolves who ran through their territory early one autumn. For years of her life she wandered through the lands, drifting from pack to pack. Her skills as a gifted healer made her welcome amongst almost any group of fellow wolves she found herself in. Some were kind hearted like her first pack, while others were more aloof, but the worst sort of wolves she ever ran with were mean-spirits who favored war and blood-shed, vicious to all who dared oppose them. Their behaviour came about from being hurt one too many times, so much betrayal and hard lessons having twisted the pack’s heart over the generations. This last pack was one she slipped away from quietly in the msts of twilight. By this time, she had grown old and wise, but still agile and sharp-minded. Her last adventure was one to find a pack to spend her last seasons in. Once, she had fancied the idea of returning to her birth pack but, alas, they had lost their hold on the valley territory and were forced to leave the mountainside camps. When she returned she found their scents long since faded and a strange new pack living there. That was the last time she saw her homeland and instead made her way through the pass into lands her paws had not yet tread.

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Example Post: Mara had joined yet another pack, growing older and was starting to seek a place to settle down at in the world. This was not that place. These wolves were twisted and mean, heedless of the beauty the luscious, green forest around them offered. Instead, they wallowed in their misery and lashed out with violence directed at anything that tried to disturb them. Mara arrived at their camp in the middle of spring when the litters were being birthed and their late medic having passed. They welcomed her as a healer and she saw to it that all the pups were well and healthy, three litters having been born as the alpha pair had permitted two other mated pairs to have litters that year as well. The little paws soon running across the camp in the following weeks brought a bit of life to the pack and in the months to come the times would be peaceful with such prosperity having graced them. It was not to last as the pups grew and embraced the lifestyle of the pack, those who did not would soon leave to make their own way in the world when they were of age. Mara waited until after a storm, the ground quieted with water and fog rolled over the undergrowth, creeping between the trees. It was a summer night and the twilight before morning dawn would not last long till breaking into day. Mara then silently padded to the outskirts of the area where most of the dens were kept and slipped away through the territory, remaining vigilant for those who lived on the outer boundaries. Once she was past the borders she did not stop, did not pause, and never looked back. They would not follow her with so many young ones who were not yet ready for lengthy travel to defend. One healer was not worth the effort of risking the safety of the rest of the pack. Mara was alone again, but that did not bother the white wolf. There would always be another pack.
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PostSubject: Re: Intro Mara   Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:30 pm

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Intro Mara
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