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 Lay of the land

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Alpha Lumi


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PostSubject: Lay of the land   Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:15 pm

Lumi padded carefully up the hillside, mindful of the ground being potentially loose beneath her step. This particular area seemed to be well-packed indeed compared to some of the previous trails along the valley Lumi had scouted. A brisk wind picked up signaling the setting of the sun and the temperature along with it. Eager for a bit of shelter, Lumi ducked behind the sturdy trunk of an old pine tree and was pleasantly surprised to see that an overhang with a flat boulder leaning against it formed a small cave that perhaps a bear had once hollowed out in days past for there was neither scent nor sign of other inhabitants in the area. It was this very rocky outcropping that Lumi decided to lay claim to as her den. Within its cozy confines she could very easily envision pups sleeping safe and sheltered. Although, considering the odd ensemble that had formed around Lumi as a pack, a group of drifters and outcasts, fate might not have such a tame future in store. Being completely honest, Lumi did not mind the way things were going, her birth-pack would be appalled if she ever told them such and yet, so long as her pack could grow and hold onto their piece of the world they had found for themselves, she would be content. Normalcy was not everything life had to offer and, come what may, Lumi was prepared to meet it with her tail held high. It was with such heavy thoughts that Lumi looked over what would be her new place of occupancy, upon being satisfied she had investigated all it had to offer, she took up a position of rest just within the entrance, deeply satisfied as she amused herself by observing the goings-on of the valley below.
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Lay of the land
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