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 Having Pups

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PostSubject: Having Pups   Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:11 pm

This is the elaboration of how having pups works with these packs.

Getting A Mate:
When you and another wolf decide to make your relationship official it's time to go to the Alpha and seek their approval. The higher ranking wolf is the one who should ask, however you may do so together, or if you are of the same rank, either one of you are welcome to. Make your own thread in the Alpha's den. Please note that we do not have any sort of ceremony for newly mated pairs. Although, if there is a high demand, one may be added in the future. PM the Site Owner if you are interested.

Having A Litter:
Once you receive permission to be mates, you are free to mate when the season comes. Mating season is only during the winter. Late heats (at the start of spring) require special permission from your Alpha but are rarely allowed. Your Alpha will ask an Admin if you are allowed to have a litter this season. If you are allowed, they will reply back with the amount of pups as well. Only a certain amount of litters and pups are allowed each season depending on website activity.

When the season starts, you are free to mate. Fade to black time lapse scenes or OOC threads saying the two consummated their love are as detailed as is permitted. No graphic details or hints in that direction.

Feel free to determine the gender and pick out photos for your pups. You do not have to have the amount of pups given. That is simply the maximum. You may also have still-born pups.

When the Pups are Born:
When the pups are born, do not describe the birth. The same rules stated above for mating apply here. Just make an announcement or as you did for their mating.

The pups are accelerated to the age of 6 months once they are born which will be early spring. In real life, a wolf's gestation period is 62-75 days. The time jump allows the characters to be played in earnest.

If you are interested in keeping one of the pups to play as your own, special consideration will be given. Otherwise, make an adoption thread. There follow the format, leave a short beginning history of the pups mainly about their parentage and where they are now whether they will be welcomed into a pack or will have to find their way to one if they wish as Rogues depending upon their parents situation.

Anyone looking to adopt one will post according to the template given and you may choose to either accept or deny them. Pups not adopted will be considered to have gone Rogue and can be brought back in the future or you may write their death scene.

For more information on pups, contact the Admin.
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Having Pups
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