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PostSubject: Joining Profile   Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:54 pm

Use this format for your profile. Follow the template. Simply copy and paste then replace the words with your own answers.

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]Name:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial]HERE[/font]

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]Gender:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial][color=blue]male[/color][/font] or [font=Arial][color=pink]female[/color][/font]

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]Age:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial]In years[/font]

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]Pack:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial]HERE[/font]

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]Rank Requested:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial]HERE[/font]

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]Appearance:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial]May be as detailed as you like: fur, eyes, scars, height, etc... Make sure your description is in compliance with the guidelines laid out in Rules and the Information Directory. Must be at least eight sentences. If you want an exception, ask here and provide an alternative if denied.[/font]


[center][img]Post Image HERE[/img][/center]

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]History:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial]Must be at least twenty sentences --roughly two paragraphs. This needs to be detailed. It gives the Alphas a good idea of how you write. The better you write, the higher rank you may receive.[/font]

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]Joining Keys:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial]HERE[/font]

[font=Georgia][b][color=white]Example Post:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Arial]Must be at least twelve sentences. This will let us know you can meet our literate standards and give us a better idea of how you write.[/font]
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Joining Profile
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